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Posted on 1st November ‘10
Author: Designlenta
Translators: Grant

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Hamburg Freezers — немецкий хоккейный клуб из города Гамбург. Выступает в Немецкой хоккейной лиге с 2002 года. В 1999—2000 клуб назывался «Мюнхен Баронс» и находился в Мюнхене.  Летом 2002 года команда переехала в Гамбург и стала называться «Hamburg Freezers».  С 2002 года клуб проводит домашние матчи на Color Line Arena в Гамбурге. Из достижений: Плэй-офф-полуфинал в чемпионате Германии — 2004. Ознакомиться с историей и становлением команды, можно на их официальном сайте, который украшен принтами. Над созданием крутых принтов работало рекламное агентсво Leagas Delaney из Германии.

The Hamburg Freezersare a German ice hockey club from the city of Hamburg. They have been in the German Hockey League since 2002. Originally, the team was based in Munich and between 1999-2000 went by the name "Munich Barons". In the summer of 2002 the team moved to Hamburg and then became known as the «Hamburg Freezers». Since 2002, the club has played their home matches at the Color Line Arena in Hamburg. In  2004, the Hamburg Freezers made the German championship, playoff semi-finals. Current information and details of the teams history can be found on their official website. The website also features many fine photographs which showcases the work of their German advertising agency, Leagas Delaney.

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  • 1st November ‘10 12:00


  • Jimbo Jones
    1st November ‘10 12:06

    Wow! It works really great.

  • tatoshka
    1st November ‘10 13:56


  • 1st November ‘10 15:18

    The impact is great - the visuel wins.

    Noce contrast on the photos.


  • Крем
    1st November ‘10 18:57

    Like It!

  • Philip J. Fry
    1st November ‘10 19:30

    Hilarious campaign! I really like it!

  • 1st November ‘10 20:00

    Very classical photos, I like it, but I also like hockey!

  • 2nd November ‘10 08:17

    Ahaha Awesome Pics

  • Cletus Spuckler
    2nd November ‘10 20:34

    These are some really amazing photos. I'm guessing that they're set around Hamburg - if so what a beautiful city.

    I've only ever visited Germany once and that was Berlin - it was a really nice place too though.

    Looking forward to seeing some more of these type of pics - really well done!

  • burberry
    3rd November ‘10 08:46

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  • Boris
    3rd November ‘10 08:47

    The conflict is on level - I love this game

  • 3rd November ‘10 16:53

    жестоко однако))

  • 4th November ‘10 11:27

    Very nice is so stimulating.

  • Barney Gumble
    4th November ‘10 14:51

    smashing pictures! I have this Camera d550i but i need to buy a more powerful lens which costs around 400 quids...Is this the same cam that you used?

  • 4th November ‘10 18:08

    Love it! Very clever and funny. Makes me want to go to a hockey game!

  • Doctor John Zoidberg
    4th November ‘10 18:20

    Awesome pics, very well done guys! Like a bit of ice hockey myself!

  • Nelson Muntz
    7th November ‘10 15:34

    excellent work. keep it up.

  • Teresa Jones
    15th March ‘12 14:55

    it's gorgeous!

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