Чешское агентство «Locomotiv»The Czech agency «Locomotiv» 

Posted on 25th June ‘10
Author: Designlenta
Translators: Alexandra

Russian English

Давно известно, что для того, чтобы продать нечто, нужно подать это нечто не просто в качестве предмета функционального, а вещи, которая несет в себе некий смысл и придаст своему счастливому обладателю нечто большее. Мнения о том, что должна нести в себе рекламная фотография расходятся, но одно неопровержимо — в ней непременно должен быть изюм, что важна не только форма, но и содержание. Всё это я веду к тому, а точнее к тем двум фотографам, которые создали чешскую студию «Locomotiv». И пусть за многолетний опыт работы у них не собрались сотни принтов, но они своим трудом заработали такой статус, который ставит их в один ряд с мировыми рекламными агентствами. It is known for a long time that to sell something, it is necessary to present this something not simply as a functional subject, but a thing which bears in itself a certain meaning and will give its happy owner something more. Opinions about what an advertising photo should bear in itself disperse, but one is incontestable —it by all means should contain a raisin, that not only the form, but also the maintenance are important. All this I conduct to that, and to be exact to those two photographers who have created the Czech studio «Locomotiv». And may be for long-term experience they don’t have hundreds of prints, but by their work they earned such status which ranks them together with world advertising agencies.

rating: 4.3

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  • Clipping Path
    26th June ‘10 12:46

    gr8 post! thanks a lot for sharing..

  • 27th June ‘10 13:05

    Those are pretty cool

  • 28th June ‘10 01:47

    These are outstanding. You really should consider posting things in english, you seem to have quite a few fans here.

  • Homer Simpson
    28th June ‘10 15:35

    amazing photos, great job...

  • 28th June ‘10 16:21

    outstanding pictures.

  • Ozomat
    29th June ‘10 09:54 if i don't mistake this is made platinum fmd.
    btw excellent works!

  • 30th June ‘10 10:27

    Весьма интересно..

  • 1st July ‘10 04:40

    Не только профессиональные фотки, а еще и - забавные!

  • 1st July ‘10 10:22

    incredible works. like them all.

  • Seymour Skinner
    2nd July ‘10 00:33

    These ads are all very beautiful and sexi!!

  • assolux
    2nd July ‘10 01:54

    first ad is like Masha and Bears. funny

  • 2nd July ‘10 09:19

    very quality work.

  • 5th July ‘10 08:00

    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.

  • Pixus
    20th August ‘10 17:29

    Beautiful Images. I wish I were that talented.

  • Homer Simpson
    4th September ‘10 11:45

    Very cool, needs more stimulation!

  • Royal Doulton
    9th September ‘10 18:24

    I like the pic of the burning building with the woman roasting a fish - way cool.

  • 16th September ‘10 18:24

    Awesome selection of pictures. Nice work

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